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Author Kuwamura M, Ando Y, Takada A, Kanehara T, Yamate J, Kotani T, Takeshita S, Kanbori M, Kitada K, Serikawa T.
Title Rat mutations cvd and hob with cerebellar malformations map to chromosome 2.
Journal Exp. Anim.
Abstract In this paper, we executed genome mapping and comparative mapping analyses for cvd and hob, autosomal recessive mutations with cerebellar vermis defect and cerebellar dysplasia in the rat. For the linkage analysis, we produced three sets of backcross progeny, (ACI x CVD)F(1) and (F344 x CVD)F(1) females crossed to a cvd homozygous male rat, and (HOB x WKY)F(1) males crossed to hob homozygous female rats. Analysis of the segregation patterns of simple sequence length polymorphism (SSLP) markers scanning the whole rat genome allowed the mapping of these autosomal recessive mutations to rat Chromosome (Chr) 2. The most likely gene order is D2Mgh12 - D2Rat86 - D2Mit15 - D2Rat185 - cvd - D2Rat66 - D2Mgh13, and D2Mit18 - Fga -D2Mit14 - D2Rat16 - hob - D2Mgh13. Crossing test between a proven cvd heterozygous and a hob heterozygous rats demonstrated their allelism. Furthermore, comparative mapping indicated the cvd locus corresponds to mouse chromosome 3 and a strong candidate gene Unc5h3, a causative gene for the rostral cerebellar malformation mouse, was implicated.
Volume 53(1)
Pages 21-6
Published 2004-1
PMID 14993736
MeSH Alleles* Animals Cerebellum / abnormalities* Chromosome Mapping* Crosses, Genetic Female Gene Order Genetic Markers Haplotypes / genetics Male Netrin Receptors Polymorphism, Genetic* Rats Receptors, Cell Surface / genetics
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Rats HOB/Snk(strainID=154) F344.CVD-Unc5ccvd/Kyo(strainID=153)