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Species Resource
GBIF A low number of introduced marine species at low latitudes: a case study from southern Florida with a special focus on Mollusca
GBIF Performances of six eupelmid egg parasitoids from China on Japanese giant silkworm Caligula japonica with different host age regimes
GBIF Landscape Analysis for the Specimen Data Refinery
Mice RBRC01345B6.129P2-Emx1/ItoRbrc BDK Deficiency in Cerebral Cortex Neurons Causes Neurological Abnormalities and Affects Endurance Capacity.
DNA material CSIV-TRE-RfA-UbC-KT (RDB12878) TXNIP induces growth arrest and enhances ABT263-induced apoptosis in mixed-lineage leukemia-rearranged acute myeloid leukemia cells.
Mice RBRC05154 Widespread Inhibition, Antagonism, and Synergy in Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons In Vivo.
Mice RBRC05658 Astrocytic phagocytosis is a compensatory mechanism for microglial dysfunction.
GBIF Biogeography and evolution of Asian Gesneriaceae based on updated taxonomy.
GBIF Estimating circumpolar distributions of lanternfish using 2D and 3D ecological niche models
GBIF Climate change in the Bay of Biscay: Changes in spatial biodiversity patterns could be driven by the arrivals of southern species
GBIF Comparing biodiversity databases: Greater Caribbean reef fishes as a case study
GBIF Phylogenomics, biogeography, and evolution of the blue‐ or white‐fruited dogwoods (Cornus)—Insights into morphological and ecological niche divergence following intercontinental geographic isolation
Mice RBRC01939 TRPV4 channels are essential for alveolar epithelial barrier function as protection from lung edema.
Mice RBRC06334 Reducing Glut2 throughout the body does not result in cognitive behaviour differences in aged male mice.
GBIF Modelling the spatial distribution of selected North American woodland mammals under future climate scenarios
GBIF Integrative taxonomy identifies a new stingray species of the genus Hypanus Rafinesque, 1818 (Dasyatidae, Myliobatiformes), from the Tropical Southwestern Atlantic.
GBIF Increasing accuracy: The advantage of using open access species occurrence database in the Red List assessment
GBIF Potential distribution of an epiphytic bryophyte depends on climate and forest continuity
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Trichophyton erinacei IFM 65833, IFM 65834, IFM 65835 ハリネズミから感染したTrichophyton erinacei(有性型:Arthroderma benhamiae)による手白癬,体部白癬の1例
GBIF Incorporating interspecific interactions into phylogeographic models: A case study with Californian oaks.