RRC ID 102
Author Masui N, Mori M, Nishikawa T, Takagi Y, Asai H, Yanabe M, Yamasaki K, Serikawa T, Sato K.
Title An allele-specific genotyping method for rat lyst (lysosomal trafficking regulator) gene.
Journal Exp. Anim.
Abstract Two spontaneous mutant beige rats, with phenotypes resembling human Chediak- Higashi syndrome (CHS), were found independently in two inbred strains. Both beige mutations were identified to be recessive alleles in the Lyst locus on rat chromosome 17 and the alleles were denoted Lyst(bg) and Lyst(bg-Kyo). As it is almost impossible to discriminate these mutations phenotypically, we developed an allele-specific genotyping method for the Lyst gene. The nested PCR amplification was followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis. By this method, we could discriminate the mutant Lyst(bg), Lyst(bg-Kyo) alleles, and the normal Lyst allele, easily and accurately.
Volume 53(1)
Pages 77-80
Published 2004-1
PMID 14993748
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IF 1.173
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Rats ACI-Lyst bg-Kyo/Kyo(strainID=7) DA.Cg-Foxn1rnu Lystbg/Slc(strainID=760)