RRC ID 11298
Author Kazawa T, Namiki S, Fukushima R, Terada M, Soo K, Kanzaki R.
Title Constancy and variability of glomerular organization in the antennal lobe of the silkmoth.
Journal Cell Tissue Res.
Abstract We investigated the anatomical organization of glomeruli in the antennal lobes (ALs) of male silkmoths. We reconstructed 10 different ALs and established an identification procedure for individual glomeruli by using size, shape, and position relative to anatomical landmarks. Quantitative analysis of these morphological characteristics supported the validity of our identification strategy. The glomerular organization of the ALs was roughly conserved between different ALs. However, we found individual variations that were reproducibly observed. The combination of a digital atlas with other experimental techniques, such as electrophysiology, optical imaging, and genetics, should facilitate a more in-depth analysis of sensory information processing in silkmoth ALs.
Volume 336(1)
Pages 119-36
Published 2009-4
DOI 10.1007/s00441-009-0756-3
PMID 19225812
MeSH Animals Bombyx / anatomy & histology* Bombyx / cytology* Brain / anatomy & histology Brain / cytology* Computer Simulation Ganglia, Invertebrate / cytology* Male Models, Biological Olfactory Pathways* / anatomy & histology Olfactory Pathways* / cytology
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