RRC ID 15821
Author Kumagai A, Mizuno M, Kato N, Nozaki K, Togawa E, Yamanaka S, Okuda K, Saxena IM, Amano Y.
Title Ultrafine cellulose fibers produced by Asaia bogorensis, an acetic acid bacterium.
Journal Biomacromolecules
Abstract The ability to synthesize cellulose by Asaia bogorensis, a member of the acetic acid bacteria, was studied in two substrains, AJ and JCM. Although both strains have identical 16S rDNA sequence, only the AJ strain formed a solid pellicle at the air-liquid interface in static culture medium, and we analyzed this pellicle using a variety of techniques. In the presence of cellulase, glucose and cellobiose were released from the pellicle suggesting that it is made of cellulose. Field emission electron microscopy allowed the visualization of a 3D knitted structure with ultrafine microfibrils (approximately 5-20 nm in width) in cellulose from A. bogorensis compared with the 40-100 nm wide microfibrils observed in cellulose isolated from Gluconacetobacter xylinus, suggesting differences in the mechanism of cellulose biosynthesis or organization of cellulose synthesizing sites in these two related bacterial species. Identifying these differences will lead to a better understanding of cellulose biosynthesis in bacteria.
Volume 12(7)
Pages 2815-21
Published 2011-7-11
DOI 10.1021/bm2005615
PMID 21650167
MeSH Bacteremia / metabolism* Cellulose / biosynthesis* Cellulose / chemistry Membranes, Artificial* Particle Size Surface Properties
IF 6.092
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