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Author Lefèvre CT, Menguy N, Abreu F, Lins U, Pósfai M, Prozorov T, Pignol D, Frankel RB, Bazylinski DA.
Title A cultured greigite-producing magnetotactic bacterium in a novel group of sulfate-reducing bacteria.
Journal Science
Abstract Magnetotactic bacteria contain magnetosomes--intracellular, membrane-bounded, magnetic nanocrystals of magnetite (Fe(3)O(4)) or greigite (Fe(3)S(4))--that cause the bacteria to swim along geomagnetic field lines. We isolated a greigite-producing magnetotactic bacterium from a brackish spring in Death Valley National Park, California, USA, strain BW-1, that is able to biomineralize greigite and magnetite depending on culture conditions. A phylogenetic comparison of BW-1 and similar uncultured greigite- and/or magnetite-producing magnetotactic bacteria from freshwater to hypersaline habitats shows that these organisms represent a previously unknown group of sulfate-reducing bacteria in the Deltaproteobacteria. Genomic analysis of BW-1 reveals the presence of two different magnetosome gene clusters, suggesting that one may be responsible for greigite biomineralization and the other for magnetite.
Volume 334(6063)
Pages 1720-3
Published 2011-12-23
DOI 10.1126/science.1212596
PII 334/6063/1720
PMID 22194580
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