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Author Tamura K, Mizutani T, Haga H, Kawabata K.
Title Active fluctuation in the cortical cytoskeleton observed by high-speed live-cell scanning probe microscopy.
Journal Acta Biomater
Abstract We investigated the dynamics of the cortical cytoskeleton in living cells by analyzing the motion of the endogenous components of the cytoskeleton using scanning probe microscopy (SPM). We performed molecular characterization of the microgranules visualized by SPM in living cells and analyzed the motion of these microgranules via particle tracking. Simultaneous SPM and epifluorescence microscopy observations showed that the microgranules recruited not only actin but also cortactin, which can bind to actin filaments. This indicates condensation of actin filaments at microgranules, leading us to identify them as "cytoskeletal microdomains". High-speed SPM observation and particle-tracking analysis showed that these cytoskeletal microdomains exhibit random walk-like diffusive fluctuations over a timescale of seconds. Inhibition of the molecular motor myosin II, which drives actin filaments, led to subdiffusive fluctuations of the microdomains. These results can be explained by longitudinal sliding of actin filaments stochastically driven by myosin II and the bending motion of the actin filaments in the absence of sliding. Analysis of the cytoskeletal microdomains thus revealed the intrinsic dynamics of the cortical cytoskeleton.
Volume 7(10)
Pages 3766-72
Published 2011-10
DOI 10.1016/j.actbio.2011.06.013
PII S1742-7061(11)00250-9
PMID 21704197
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