RRC ID 21495
Author Isotani K, Kurokawa J, Itoh N.
Title Production of (R)-3-quinuclidinol by E. coli biocatalysts possessing NADH-dependent 3-quinuclidinone reductase (QNR or bacC) from Microbacterium luteolum and Leifsonia alcohol dehydrogenase (LSADH).
Journal Int J Mol Sci
Abstract We found two NADH-dependent reductases (QNR and bacC) in Microbacterium luteolum JCM 9174 (M. luteolum JCM 9174) that can reduce 3-quinuclidinone to optically pure (R)-(-)-3-quinuclidinol. Alcohol dehydrogenase from Leifsonia sp. (LSADH) was combined with these reductases to regenerate NAD+ to NADH in situ in the presence of 2-propanol as a hydrogen donor. The reductase and LSADH genes were efficiently expressed in E. coli cells. A number of constructed E. coli biocatalysts (intact or immobilized) were applied to the resting cell reaction and optimized. Under the optimized conditions, (R)-(-)-3-quinuclidinol was synthesized from 3-quinuclidinone (15% w/v, 939 mM) giving a conversion yield of 100% for immobilized QNR. The optical purity of the (R)-(-)-3-quinuclidinol produced by the enzymatic reactions was >99.9%. Thus, E. coli biocatalysis should be useful for the practical production of the pharmaceutically important intermediate, (R)-(-)-3-quinuclidinol.
Volume 13(10)
Pages 13542-53
Published 2012-10-19
DOI 10.3390/ijms131013542
PII ijms131013542
PMID 23202966
PMC PMC3497340
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General Microbes JCM 9174