RRC ID 22830
Author Goñi B, Matsuda M, Yamamoto MT, Vilela CR, Tobari YN.
Title Crossing over does occur in males of Drosophila ananassae from natural populations.
Journal Genome
Abstract Spontaneous crossing over in males of Drosophila ananassae has been well demonstrated using F(1) individuals from crosses between marker stocks and wild type strains. However, the question of its occurrence in males from natural populations remained open. Here we present the cytological evidence that crossing over does occur in males of D. ananassae from two Brazilian populations, sampled nearly 21 years apart, and in two recently sampled populations, one from Indonesia and one from Okinawa, Japan. Cytological analysis of meiosis in males collected from nature and in sons of females from the same population inseminated in nature revealed the presence of chiasmata, inversion chiasmata, and isosite chromosome breakages in the diplotene cells in all sampled populations. These data demonstrate that reciprocal and nonreciprocal exchanges and chromosome breakages, previously reported as related events of male crossing over, do occur at variable frequencies among males from natural populations.
Volume 55(7)
Pages 505-11
Published 2012-7
DOI 10.1139/g2012-037
PMID 22788379
MeSH Animals Brazil Chromosome Breakage Chromosome Inversion Chromosomes / genetics Crossing Over, Genetic Drosophila / classification Drosophila / genetics* Female Genetics, Population Indonesia Japan Male Recombination, Genetic
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