RRC ID 2373
Author Udvardi MK, Tabata S, Parniske M, Stougaard J.
Title Lotus japonicus: legume research in the fast lane.
Journal Trends Plant Sci.
Abstract Legumes are of immense importance to humanity and a key to sustainable agriculture. Two model species, Lotus japonicus and Medicago truncatula, are the focus of genome sequencing and functional genomics programmes, but most researchers focus exclusively on one or the other. In spite of this, legume researchers now have a unique opportunity to integrate work on these and other legume species, including soybean, common bean and pea to create a platform for comparative genomics second to none of any other plant family. The question is: do we have the scientific fortitude and political will to achieve this?
Volume 10(5)
Pages 222-8
Published 2005-5
DOI 10.1016/j.tplants.2005.03.008
PII S1360-1385(05)00074-9
PMID 15882654
MeSH Cloning, Molecular Expressed Sequence Tags Fabaceae / classification* Genome, Plant* Lotus / classification* Lotus / genetics Lotus / physiology* Medicago / classification* Medicago / physiology* Mutagenesis, Insertional Phylogeny Proteome
IF 14.006
Times Cited 87
Lotus / Glycine Miyakojima MG-20 Gifu B-129 L. j cDNA L. j TAC L. j RILs