RRC ID 25680
Author T. Kajimura, K. Murai and S. Takumi
Title Distinct genetic regulation of flowering time and grain-filling period based on empirical study of D genome diversity in synthetic hexaploid wheat lines.
Journal Breed Sci.
Volume 61
Pages 130-141
Published 2011-1-1
IF 1.743
Wheat KU-2022 KU-2059 KU-2810 KU-2811 KU-2814 KU-2816 KU-2824 KU-2829 KU-2069 KU-2074 KU-2075 KU-2076 KU-2078 KU-2079 KU-2080 KU-20-8 KU-20-9 KU-20-10 KU-2083 KU-2088 KU-2090 KU-2091 KU-2092 KU-2093 KU-2096 KU-2097 KU-2098 KU-2100 KU-2101 KU-2102 KU-2103 KU-2104 KU-2105 KU-2106 KU-2108 KU-2109 KU-2118 KU-2124 KU-2126 KU-2144 KU-2152 KU-2155 KU-2156 KU-2157 KU-2158 KU-2159 KU-2160 KU-2132 KU-2136