RRC ID 25683
Author S. Takumi, Y. Naka, H. Morihiro and Y. Matsuoka
Title Expression of morphological and flowering time variation through allopolyploidization: an empirical study with 27 wheat synthetics and their parental Aegilops tauschii accessions.
Journal Plant Breeding
Volume 128
Pages 585-590
Published 2009-1-1
IF 1.662
Wheat KU-2816 KU-20-10 KU-2069 KU-2076 KU-2079 KU-2080 KU-2088 KU-20-9 KU-2090 KU-2091 KU-2093 KU-2097 KU-2098 KU-2103 KU-2104 KU-2109 KU-2126 KU-2155 KU-2156 KU-2158 KU-2132 KU-2136