RRC ID 27202
Author Kamachi Y, Kondoh H.
Title Overlapping positive and negative regulatory elements determine lens-specific activity of the delta 1-crystallin enhancer.
Journal Mol Cell Biol
Abstract Lens-specific expression of the delta 1-crystallin gene is governed by an enhancer in the third intron, and the 30-bp-long DC5 fragment was found to be responsible for eliciting the lens-specific activity. Mutational analysis of the DC5 fragment identified two contiguous, interdependent positive elements and a negative element which overlaps the 3'-located positive element. Previously identified ubiquitous factors delta EF1 bound to the negative element and repressed the enhancer activity in nonlens cells. Mutation and cotransfection analyses indicated the existence of an activator which counteracts the action of delta EF1 in lens cells, probably through binding site competition. We also found a group of nuclear factors, collectively called delta EF2, which bound to the 5'-located positive element. delta EF2a and -b were the major species in lens cells, whereas delta EF2c and -d predominated in nonlens cells. These delta EF2 proteins probably cooperate with factors bound to the 3'-located element in activation in lens cells and repression in nonlens cells. delta EF2 proteins also bound to a promoter sequence of the gamma F-crystallin gene, suggesting that delta EF2 proteins are involved in lens-specific regulation of various crystallin classes.
Volume 13(9)
Pages 5206-15
Published 1993-9-1
DOI 10.1128/mcb.13.9.5206-5215.1993
Description Original paper.
PMID 8355679
PMC PMC360209
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DNA material delta51-LucII (RDB08068)