RRC ID 27860
Author Inoue Y, Hata T, Kawai S, Okamura H, Nishida T.
Title Elimination and detoxification of triclosan by manganese peroxidase from white rot fungus.
Journal J Hazard Mater
Abstract The antimicrobial and preservative agent triclosan (TCS) is an emerging and persistent pollutant with a ubiquitous presence in the aquatic environment. Thus, TCS was treated with manganese peroxidase (MnP), laccase and the laccase-mediator system with 1-hydroxybenzotriazole. MnP was most effective in eliminating TCS among the three enzymatic treatments, with TCS concentration being reduced by about 94% after 30 min following treatment with 0.5 nkat mL(-1) MnP and being almost completely eliminated after 60 min. Furthermore, MnP (0.5 nkat mL(-1)) caused the complete loss of bacterial growth inhibition by TCS after 30 min and reduced the algal growth inhibition of TCS by 75% and 90% after 30 and 60 min, respectively. These results strongly suggest that MnP is effective in removing the ecotoxicity of TCS.
Volume 180(1-3)
Pages 764-7
Published 2010-8-15
DOI 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2010.04.024
PII S0304-3894(10)00470-X
PMID 20434837
MeSH Anti-Infective Agents / metabolism* Bacteria / growth & development Basidiomycota / metabolism* Biodegradation, Environmental* Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid Laccase / metabolism Peroxidases / metabolism* Triclosan / metabolism*
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