RRC ID 28424
著者 Suzuki MM, Yoshinari A, Obara M, Takuno S, Shigenobu S, Sasakura Y, Kerr AR, Webb S, Bird A, Nakayama A.
タイトル Identical sets of methylated and nonmethylated genes in Ciona intestinalis sperm and muscle cells.
ジャーナル Epigenetics Chromatin
Abstract We conclude that gene body methylation is not a direct regulator of tissue specific gene expression in C. intestinalis. Our findings reveal constant targeting of gene body methylation irrespective of cell type, and they emphasize a correlation between gene body methylation and ubiquitously expressed genes. Our transgenic experiments suggest that the promoter does not determine the methylation status of the associated gene body.
巻・号 6(1)
ページ 38
公開日 2013-11-28
DOI 10.1186/1756-8935-6-38
PII 1756-8935-6-38
PMID 24279449
PMC PMC3827831
IF 5.189
引用数 7
カタユウレイボヤ・(ニッポンウミシダ) Wild C. int