RRC ID 28617
Author Tatsumoto S, Adati N, Tohtoki Y, Sakaki Y, Boroviak T, Habu S, Okano H, Suemizu H, Sasaki E, Satake M.
Title Development and characterization of cDNA resources for the common marmoset: one of the experimental primate models.
Journal DNA Res
Abstract The common marmoset is a new world monkey, which has become a valuable experimental animal for biomedical research. This study developed cDNA libraries for the common marmoset from five different tissues. A total of 290 426 high-quality EST sequences were obtained, where 251 587 sequences (86.5%) had homology (1E(-100)) with the Refseqs of six different primate species, including human and marmoset. In parallel, 270 673 sequences (93.2%) were aligned to the human genome. When 247 090 sequences were assembled into 17 232 contigs, most of the sequences (218 857 or 15 089 contigs) were located in exonic regions, indicating that these genes are expressed in human and marmoset. The other 5578 sequences (or 808 contigs) mapping to the human genome were not located in exonic regions, suggesting that they are not expressed in human. Furthermore, a different set of 118 potential coding sequences were not similar to any Refseqs in any species, and, thus, may represent unknown genes. The cDNA libraries developed in this study are available through RIKEN Bio Resource Center. A Web server for the marmoset cDNAs is available at http://marmoset.nig.ac.jp/index.html, where each marmoset EST sequence has been annotated by reference to the human genome. These new libraries will be a useful genetic resource to facilitate research in the common marmoset.
Volume 20(3)
Pages 255-62
Published 2013-6-1
DOI 10.1093/dnares/dst007
PII dst007
PMID 23543116
PMC PMC3686431
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