RRC ID 288
Author 森本弘一・江藤芳彰・松村佳子
Title 紫外線の生物影響を示す教材の有効性
Journal 理科教育学研究
Abstract This study was carried out in order to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching materials (developed by Morimoto, et al.) for showing the effect of UV radiation on living things. The research project focused on classes for third year students in upper secondary school. Fruit flies, morning glories, and bananas were irradiated using a UV lamp. The effectiveness of the materials was evaluated by student participation, lab reports, questionnaires, and conceptmaps. As a result, it is clear that morning glories and bananas are useful materials because they encourage students to change and develop their ideas, as evidenced in the concept maps.
Volume 43
Pages 19-28
Published 2002-9-10