RRC ID 28999
Author Francis D.
Title High frequency recombination during the sexual cycle of Dictyostelium discoideum.
Journal Genetics
Abstract Analysis of Dictyostelium development and cell biology has suffered from the lack of an ordinary genetic system whereby genes can be arranged in new combinations. Genetic exchange between two long ignored strains, A2Cycr and WS205 is here reexamined. Alleles which differ in size or restriction sites between these two strains were found for seven genes. Six of these are in two clusters on chromosome 2. Frequencies of recombinant progeny indicate that the genetic map of the two mating strains is colinear with the physical map recently worked out for the standard nonsexual strain, NC4. The rate of recombination is high, about 0.1% per kilobase in three different regions of chromosome 2. This value is comparable to rates found in yeast, and will permit fine dissection of the genome.
Volume 148(4)
Pages 1829-32
Published 1998-4-1
PMID 9560397
PMC PMC1460078
MeSH Animals Dictyostelium / genetics* Dictyostelium / physiology Genes, Fungal Genetic Linkage Genetic Markers Recombination, Genetic*
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