RRC ID 2915
Author Dai X, Wang BJ, Yang QX, Jiao NZ, Liu SJ.
Title Yangia pacifica gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel member of the Roseobacter clade from coastal sediment of the East China Sea.
Journal Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol.
Abstract An aerobic, Gram-negative bacterial isolate, strain DX5-10T, was isolated from coastal sediment of the East China Sea. The taxonomy of strain DX5-10T was studied by phenotypic and phylogenetic methods. Strain DX5-10T was motile, formed faint-yellowish colonies and was positive for catalase reaction and weakly positive for oxidase reaction. The nearly complete 16S rRNA gene of strain DX5-10T was obtained and sequence analysis indicated that strain DX5-10T represented an independent lineage within the Roseobacter clade of Alphaproteobacteria. Strain DX5-10T was phylogenetically related to members of the genera Roseobacter, Loktanella, Roseisalinus, Silicibacter, Antarctobacter, Sulfitobacter, Salipiger, Ruegeria and Roseivivax, and the sequence identities among them were less than 95.0%. The predominant respiratory ubiquinone of strain DX5-10T was Q-10 and the DNA G + C content of strain DX5-10T was 63.3 mol%. Therefore, strain DX5-10T represents a novel species of a novel genus, for which the name Yangia pacifica gen. nov., sp. nov. is proposed, with the type strain DX5-10T (= CGMCC 1.3455T = JCM 12573T).
Volume 56(Pt 3)
Pages 529-33
Published 2006-3
DOI 10.1099/ijs.0.64013-0
PII 56/3/529
PMID 16514022
MeSH Bacteriochlorophyll A / analysis DNA, Ribosomal / chemistry Geologic Sediments / microbiology* Phylogeny RNA, Ribosomal, 16S / genetics Roseobacter / classification* Roseobacter / genetics Roseobacter / isolation & purification Roseobacter / physiology
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Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 12573? JCM 12479?