RRC ID 29813
Author Kogoma T, Farr SB, Joyce KM, Natvig DO.
Title Isolation of gene fusions (soi::lacZ) inducible by oxidative stress in Escherichia coli.
Journal Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Abstract Mu dX phage was used to isolate three gene fusions to the lacZ gene (soi::lacZ; soi for superoxide radical inducible) that were induced by treatment with superoxide radical anion generators such as paraquat and plumbagin. The induction of beta-galactosidase in these fusion strains with the superoxide radical generating agents required aerobic metabolism. Hyperoxygenation (i.e., bubbling of cultures with oxygen gas) also induced the fusions. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide did not induce the fusions at concentrations that are known to invoke an adaptive response. Introduction of oxyR, htpR, or recA mutations did not affect the induction. Two of the fusion strains exhibited increased sensitivity to paraquat but not to hydrogen peroxide. The third fusion strain showed no increased sensitivity to either agent. All three fusions were located in the 45- to 61-min region of the Escherichia coli chromosome.
Volume 85(13)
Pages 4799-803
Published 1988-7-1
DOI 10.1073/pnas.85.13.4799
PMID 2838846
PMC PMC280523
MeSH Aerobiosis Bacteriophage mu / physiology DNA Repair DNA Transposable Elements / drug effects Escherichia coli / drug effects Escherichia coli / genetics* Escherichia coli / metabolism Free Radicals Genes / drug effects* Genes, Bacterial Hydrogen Peroxide / pharmacology Naphthoquinones / pharmacology Oxidation-Reduction Oxygen / pharmacology Paraquat / pharmacology Recombinant Fusion Proteins / biosynthesis Recombinant Fusion Proteins / genetics* Recombinant Proteins / genetics* Recombination, Genetic / drug effects* Superoxides / pharmacology beta-Galactosidase / biosynthesis beta-Galactosidase / genetics
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