RRC ID 30133
Author Miwa Y, Fujita Y.
Title Promoter-independent catabolite repression of the Bacillus subtilis gnt operon.
Journal J. Biochem.
Abstract The mechanism underlying catabolite repression in Bacillus species remains unknown. A recent study of the promoter-independent catabolite repression of the gnt operon implicated a consensus sequence (ATTGAAAG) in catabolite repression in the genus Bacillus. The introduction of base-substitutions into the ATTGAAAG sequence in the chromosomal gnt operon affected catabolite repression of the gnt operon. Deletion analysis indicated that the ATTGAAAG sequence is probably part of a cis sequence necessary for the promoter-independent catabolite repression of the gnt operon. Furthermore, we subjected gnt transcripts synthesized with and without glucose to S1 nuclease and slot blotting analyses. The results indicated that the gnt transcripts decreased in the region (+93 to +203; +1, the transcription initiation nucleotide) only in the presence of glucose. Mechanisms underlying this promoter-independent catabolite repression are discussed.
Volume 113(6)
Pages 665-71
Published 1993-6
PMID 8370661
MeSH Bacillus subtilis / genetics* Bacillus subtilis / metabolism* Base Sequence Consensus Sequence DNA, Bacterial / genetics Molecular Sequence Data Mutagenesis, Site-Directed Operon* Plasmids / genetics Promoter Regions, Genetic Sequence Deletion Subtilisins / biosynthesis
IF 2.23
Prokaryotes E. coli ME9637
Prokaryotes B. subtilis MBS140 MBS141