RRC ID 31294
Author Kamata K, Piao Z, Suzuki S, Fujimori T, Tajiri W, Nagai K, Iyoda T, Yamada A, Hayakawa T, Ishiwara M, Horaguchi S, Belay A, Tanaka T, Takano K, Hangyo M.
Title Spirulina-templated metal microcoils with controlled helical structures for THz electromagnetic responses.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract Microstructures in nature are ultrafine and ordered in biological roles, which have attracted material scientists. Spirulina forms three-dimensional helical microstructure, one of remarkable features in nature beyond our current processing technology such as lithography in terms of mass-productivity and structural multiplicity. Spirulina varies its diameter, helical pitch, and/or length against growing environment. This unique helix is suggestive of a tiny electromagnetic coil, if composed of electro-conductive metal, which brought us main concept of this work. Here, we describe the biotemplating process onto Spirulina surface to fabricate metal microcoils. Structural parameters of the microcoil can be controlled by the cultivation conditions of Spirulina template and also purely one-handed microcoil can be fabricated. A microcoil dispersion sheet exhibited optically active response attributed to structural resonance in terahertz-wave region.
Volume 4
Pages 4919
Published 2014-5-12
DOI 10.1038/srep04919
PII srep04919
PMID 24815190
PMC PMC4017220
MeSH Electromagnetic Phenomena* Metals* / chemistry Spirulina*
IF 3.998
Times Cited 32
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