RRC ID 31296
Author Oikawa E, Ishibashi Y.
Title Species specificity of musty odor producing Phormidium tenue in Lake Kamafusa.
Journal Water Sci Technol
Abstract 16S ribosomal DNA sequences of various strains of Phormidium tenue (P. tenue) in Lake Kamafusa were determined. Such P. tenue could not be distinguished under microscopic examination. From the results of the analyses of base sequences, and using a phylogenetic tree, several P. tenue with different species specificity on the sequence were found in the lake. P. tenue were divided into three groups. The first produced 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) and was close to a species from the moat of Nagoya castle. The second produced MIB and was characteristic of Lake Kamafusa. The third had a brown color like a Lake Biwa strain and was MIB non-producing. From the phylogenetic tree, it was revealed that species had not changed recently by mutation. Moreover, a detection method for P. tenue by PCR and dot hybridization was established.
Volume 49(9)
Pages 41-6
Published 2004-1-1
PMID 15237605
MeSH Base Sequence Camphanes / analysis Cyanobacteria / chemistry Cyanobacteria / genetics* DNA, Bacterial / analysis* Environmental Monitoring Japan Molecular Sequence Data Odorants* Phylogeny Polymerase Chain Reaction Sequence Analysis, DNA Water Microbiology Water Supply
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