RRC ID 32221
Author Yoshioka H, Ito-Kuwa S, Nakamura K, Mataga I.
Title [Virulence of Candida dubliniensis in comparison with Candida albicans using an experimental model of mouse oral candiddiasis].
Journal Med Mycol J
Abstract Certain species of Candida are known as opportunistic fungal pathogens and Candida albicans has especially been isolated oral candidiasis patients at high frequency as a result of its strong pathogenicity. Recently C. dubliniensis is isolated mainly from immunocompromised patients, but is also detected from healthy persons. C. dubliniensis has similar cell morphology and molecular biological properties to C. albicans. Thus, in order to clarify the pathogenicity of C. dubliniensis, the activities of two extracellular enzymes, phospholipase (PL) and proteinase (PT), were measured, and pathological features were compared using mice. PL activity was examined in the improved Price's PL activity assay. In brief, the white precipitation zone was detected by spraying NaCl on egg yold plates without NaCl after colonies had grown. PL activity was no detected in any of the 31 C. dubliniensis strains tested. On the other hand, PT acitivty of C. dubliniensis was almost equivalent to that of C. albicans. Although we attempted to make an experimental model of mouse oral candidiasis using C. dubliniensis in yeast form as an inoculum following the conventional method, oral candidiasis did not develop in any mice. Thrush was successfully developed after inoculation with mycelial form cells, and there was no significant difference in histopathological findings of the thrush in comparison with C. albicans. These results strongly suggest that the two enzymes, PT and PL, do not play a crusial role in the establishment of mouse oral experimental candidiasis by C. dubliniensis.
Volume 53(2)
Pages 135-45
Published 2012
PII DN/JST.JSTAGE/mmj/53.135
PMID 22728597
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