RRC ID 34546
Author Cavender JC, Vadell EM, Landolt JC, Winsett KE, Stephenson SL, Rollins AW, Romeralo M.
Title New small dictyostelids from seasonal rainforests of Central America.
Journal Mycologia
Abstract Ten small dictyostelids isolated from samples collected from the surface humus layer of seasonal rainforests of Belize and Guatemala were studied morphologically, and nine were found to represent distinct species, all with an average height of < 2 mm (0.5-3.5 mm). Although their fruiting bodies (sorocarps) closely resemble one another, the nine species differ in their patterns of aggregation, stream pattern, branching development, formation of microcysts, spore shape, presence or absence of spore granules and their distribution, as well as in the shapes and behavior of their sorogens and myxamoebae. These stable morphological features were sufficient to recognize nine new species of small dictyostelids, one with two varieties. SSU rDNA sequences were generated for all these new isolates, and phylogenetic analyses of these sequences show these new isolates belong to Dictyostelid group 3. As a result of this and other recent studies, the concept of what constitutes a species in the dictyostelids has become much more restricted and well defined, in as much as some of the morphological and behavioral patterns now being observed were overlooked in the past. The extent, flow direction and conformation of streaming within the group varies from simple aggregation mounds with no streams to short streams, to somewhat longer streams and finally to well developed streams. Each of these is characterized by a particular set of distinguishing features.
Volume 105(3)
Pages 610-35
Published 2013-1-1
DOI 10.3852/11-332
PII 11-332
PMID 23396155
MeSH Belize Central America DNA, Ribosomal / genetics Dictyosteliida / classification* Dictyosteliida / genetics Dictyosteliida / ultrastructure Ecosystem Guatemala Phylogeny Seasons Sequence Analysis, DNA / methods Soil Soil Microbiology Trees / microbiology*
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Cellular slime molds Dictyostelium filiforme OH603 (S90514) 37A (S90512) S90505 S90509 S90512 S90513 S90514 38BO OH604 Dictyostelium dumosum OH602