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Author Honda R, Rukapan W, Komura H, Teraoka Y, Noguchi M, Hoek EM.
Title Effects of membrane orientation on fouling characteristics of forward osmosis membrane in concentration of microalgae culture.
Journal Bioresour Technol
Abstract Application of forward osmosis (FO) membrane to microalgae cultivation processes enables concentration of microalgae and nutrients with low energy consumption. To understand fouling characteristics of FO membrane in concentration of microalgae culture, we studied flux decline, flux recovery by cleaning, and foulants characteristics, in different membrane orientation of active-layer-facing-feed-solution (AL-FS) and active-layer-facing-draw-solution (AL-DS) modes. Batch concentration of Chlorella vulgaris was conducted with a cellulose-triacetate FO membrane. Rapid flux decline and lower flux recovery was observed in AL-DS mode because of inner-membrane fouling including internal pore clogging, adsorption and internal concentration polarization in the support layer. A proportion of polysaccharides in extracellular polymeric substances to soluble microbial products were larger in chemical cleaning effluent than physical one in AL-DS mode, although those were not significantly different in AL-FS mode. Excitation-emission matrix analysis revealed that proteins and humic-like substances were also possible irreversible foulants both in AL-DS and AL-FS modes.
Volume 197
Pages 429-33
Published 2015-12-1
DOI 10.1016/j.biortech.2015.08.096
PII S0960-8524(15)01202-X
PMID 26356114
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