RRC ID 3511
Author Onoe H, Matsumoto A, Hashimoto K, Yamano Y, Morishima I.
Title Peptidoglycan recognition protein (PGRP) from eri-silkworm, Samia cynthia ricini; protein purification and induction of the gene expression.
Journal Comp. Biochem. Physiol. B, Biochem. Mol. Biol.
Abstract Peptidoglycan recognition protein (PGRP) was isolated from immunized hemolymph of the wild silkworm, Samia cynthia ricini, detecting the biding activity with (125)I-labeled peptidoglycan (PGN). The binding specificity of PGRP was tested by competitive inhibition of the binding to (125)I-labeled-PGN by a large excess amount of non-labeled-PGN or other glucans. The binding to labeled uncross-linked Lys-type PGN from Micrococcus luteus was strongly inhibited by non-labeled-PGN of the same structure and meso-diaminopimelic acid (DAP)-type cross-linked PGN from Bacillus cell wall, but only a little by cross-linked PGN from M. luteus cell wall. The PGRP cDNA encodes a 193 amino acid open reading frame. The deduced amino acid sequence had 62 to 91% identities to known lepidopteran PGRPs, but less than 40% to Drosophila PGRPs. The PGRP gene constitutively expressed at a low level in naive fat body, and strongly induced by an injection of DAP-type cross-linked and Lys-type uncross-linked PGNs, but only weakly by Lys-type cross-linked PGN from M. luteus. The silkworm possibly distinguish between PGNs based on the structure of cross-linking peptide, but has less if any preference for the diamino acid residue of the stem peptide.
Volume 147(3)
Pages 512-9
Published 2007-7
DOI 10.1016/j.cbpb.2007.03.005
PII S1096-4959(07)00128-5
PMID 17434328
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