RRC ID 35518
Author Yusoff,M., Maeda,T., Sanchez-Torres,Sanchez-Torres., Ogawa,H., Shirai,Y., Hassan,M., Wood,T.
Title Uncharacterized Escherichia coli proteins YdjA and YhjY are related to biohydrogen production.
Journal Intenational journal of HYDROGEN ENERGY
Volume 37(23)
Pages 17778-87
Published 2012-12-1
DOI 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2012.08.115
IF 4.939
Times Cited 19
Prokaryotes E. coli JW2701(ASKA) JW2968(ASKA) JW0886(ASKA) JW4040(ASKA) ME9062(BW25113)(Keio) Keio collection