RRC ID 35732
Author Romeralo M, Landolt JC, Cavender JC, Laursen GA, Baldauf SL.
Title Two new species of dictyostelid cellular slime molds from Alaska.
Journal Mycologia
Abstract In sampling soils to survey dictyostelid cellular slime molds in Alaska we encountered two groups of isolates that have morphologies that differ from any previously described species within their group. We sequenced the nuclear small subunit ribosomal RNA gene (SSU rDNA) of selected isolates from the two groups and found sequences from both groups to be distinct from all previously described dictyostelid sequences. Phylogenetic analyses place one novel species in dictyostelid Group 2 and the other in Group 4 (Schaap et al. 2006). In this paper we formally describe as new these two species of cellular slime molds, Dictyostelium ammophilum sp. nov. and Dictyostelium boreale sp. nov., based on the combination of morphological and molecular characters.
Volume 102(3)
Pages 588-95
Published 2010-1-1
DOI 10.3852/09-107
PMID 20524591
MeSH Alaska DNA, Fungal / analysis DNA, Ribosomal Dictyosteliida / classification* Dictyosteliida / genetics Dictyosteliida / ultrastructure Genes, rRNA Molecular Sequence Data Mycological Typing Techniques Phylogeny Ribosome Subunits, Small Sequence Analysis, DNA Soil Microbiology* Species Specificity
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