RRC ID 36113
Author Morokuma D, Mon H, Banno Y, Kusakabe T, Lee JM.
Title Differential N-Glycan Modifications of Human Alpha 1-Acid Glycoprotein (α1AGP) Produced in Different Silkworm Strains using the Baculovirus Expression System
Journal J Insect Biotech Sericol.
Volume 84(2)
Pages 49-53
Published 2015-6-1
DOI 10.11416/jibs.84.2_049
Silkworms a49 a60 c11 c51 c60 d17 d33 d36 e10 e41 f11 f38 g30 g32 g35 k45 l90 l311 m90 n41 n70 o59 p62 r02 r07 n17 n21 n22 b31 p31 p50 t32 t70 t90 u125 xo50 xu33