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Author Tokura Y, Yamanaka K, Wakita H, Kurokawa S, Horiguchi D, Usui A, Sayama S, Takigawa M.
Title Halo congenital nevus undergoing spontaneous regression. Involvement of T-cell immunity in involution and presence of circulating anti-nevus cell IgM antibodies.
Journal Arch Dermatol
Abstract BACKGROUND:Halo congenital nevus is a condition in which halo formation is associated with congenital nevocellular nevi. Although several theories have been proposed, the immunologic mechanisms of halo formation and concomitant nevus regression still remain unclear. We presented immunologic findings in a case of halo congenital nevus with unique histologic location of inflammatory cells.
OBSERVATIONS:Histologically, the present case of halo congenital nevus undergoing spontaneous regression showed a marked inflammatory infiltrate with remnants of original nevus cell nests. In the infiltrating T cells, CD8+ cells outnumbered CD4+ cells and the infiltrate of natural killer cells was not substantial. Direct and indirect immunofluorescence studies demonstrated the presence of IgM antibodies against nevus cells as well as melanoma cells and cultured melanocytes in the patient's serum.
CONCLUSIONS:Our findings suggest that both T-cell-mediated immunity and IgM antibodies may be involved in the regression of halo congenital nevus. However, it is important to point out that our results may simply be epiphenomena and not directly responsible for the destruction of nevus cells.
Volume 130(8)
Pages 1036-41
Published 1994-8
DOI 10.1001/archderm.130.8.1036
PMID 8053701
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