RRC ID 40967
Author Yun JH, Song HS, Roh SW, Jung MJ, Kim PS, Bae JW.
Title Complete genome sequence of Haloarcula sp. CBA1115 isolated from non-purified solar salts.
Journal Mar Genomics
Abstract Haloarcula sp. CBA1115, isolated from non-purified solar salts from South Korea, is a halophilic archaeon belonging to the family Halobacteriaceae. Here, we present the complete genome sequence of the strain Haloarcula sp. CBA1115 (4,225,046bp, with a G+C content of 61.98%), which is distributed over one chromosome and five plasmids. A comparison of the genome sequence of Haloarcula sp. CBA1115 with those of members of its closely related taxa showed that the closest neighbor is Haloarcula hispanica Y27, a popular model organism for archaeal studies. The strain was found to possess a number of genes predicted to be involved in osmo-regulatory strategies and metal regulation, suggesting that it might be useful for bioremediation in extreme environments.
Volume 23
Pages 19-21
Published 2015-10-1
DOI 10.1016/j.margen.2015.03.012
PII S1874-7787(15)00052-5
PMID 25847028
MeSH DNA, Archaeal / chemistry DNA, Archaeal / genetics Genome, Archaeal* Haloarcula / genetics* Haloarcula / metabolism Molecular Sequence Data Republic of Korea
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General Microbes JCM 30477