RRC ID 42393
Author Okada T, Sonoda E, Yoshimura M, Kawano Y, Saya H, Kohzaki M, Takeda S.
Title Multiple roles of vertebrate REV genes in DNA repair and recombination.
Journal Mol. Cell. Biol.
Abstract In yeast, Rev1, Rev3, and Rev7 are involved in translesion synthesis over various kinds of DNA damage and spontaneous and UV-induced mutagenesis. Here, we disrupted Rev1, Rev3, and Rev7 in the chicken B-lymphocyte line DT40. REV1-/- REV3-/- REV7-/- cells showed spontaneous cell death, chromosomal instability/fragility, and hypersensitivity to various genotoxic treatments as observed in each of the single mutants. Surprisingly, the triple-knockout cells showed a suppressed level of sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs), which may reflect postreplication repair events mediated by homologous recombination, while each single mutant showed an elevated SCE level. Furthermore, REV1-/- cells as well as triple mutants showed a decreased level of immunoglobulin gene conversion, suggesting participation of Rev1 in a recombination-based pathway. The present study gives us a new insight into cooperative function of three Rev molecules and the Polzeta (Rev3-Rev7)-independent role of Rev1 in vertebrate cells.
Volume 25(14)
Pages 6103-11
Published 2005-7
DOI 10.1128/MCB.25.14.6103-6111.2005
PII 25/14/6103
PMID 15988022
PMC PMC1168817
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