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Author Wang H, Satoh M, Abe H, Sunamura M, Moriya T, Ishidoya S, Saito S, Hamada H, Arai Y.
Title Oncolytic viral therapy by bladder instillation using an E1A, E1B double-restricted adenovirus in an orthotopic bladder cancer model.
Journal Urology
Abstract OBJECTIVES:To investigate the therapeutic effect of AxdAdB-3, a double-restricted oncolytic adenovirus harboring a mutant E1A and an E1B-55KD deletion, on human bladder cancer cell lines and the SCID mouse model of orthotopic bladder cancer.
METHODS:The cytopathic effects of AxdAdB-3 were evaluated in several cell lines (YTS-1, YTS-3, T24, J82, 5637) derived from human bladder or ureteral cancer and in a normal bladder mucosa-derived cell line (HCV29) with AxCAlacZ (control) or AxE1AdB (E1B-55KD-defective adenovirus) or dl922-947 (E1A-mutated adenovirus). The efficacy of bladder instillation therapy with AxdAdB-3 for orthotopic bladder cancer of SCID mice was investigated. The oncolytic effects were monitored by ultrasound examination.
RESULTS:AxdAdB-3 caused the oncolysis of bladder cancer cell lines in vitro, and it was more cytopathic than AxE1AdB or dl922-947 in the cancer cell lines. AxdAdB-3 was not cytotoxic against HCV29. Direct instillation of AxdAdB-3 into the bladder of the orthotopic model inhibited tumor growth, leading to significantly prolonged survival.
CONCLUSIONS:Oncolytic viral therapy delivered by instillation of AxdAdB-3 is a promising tool for treating bladder cancer.
Volume 68(3)
Pages 674-81
Published 2006-9-1
DOI 10.1016/j.urology.2006.04.021
PII S0090-4295(06)00612-1
PMID 16979729
MeSH Adenoviridae / genetics* Administration, Intravesical Animals Cell Line, Tumor Disease Models, Animal Humans Mice Mice, SCID Oncolytic Virotherapy / methods* Urinary Bladder Neoplasms / drug therapy*
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