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Author Nakano T, Goto S, Lai CY, Hsu LW, Wong JL, Kawamoto S, Chiang KC, Ohmori N, Goto T, Sato S, Yang CH, Wang CC, Jawan B, Cheng YF, Ono K, Chen CL.
Title Involvement of autoimmunity against nuclear histone H1 in liver transplantation tolerance.
Journal Transpl. Immunol.
Abstract BACKGROUND:Our recent studies suggested that anti-histone H1 autoantibody (auto-Ab) plays an important role in experimental and clinical liver allograft tolerance as a natural immunosuppressive factor. The present study aimed to explore how the autoimmune response against histone H1 is involved in tolerance induction.
METHODS:The measurement of anti-histone H1 auto-Ab and immunohistochemical analysis were performed in serum and liver allografts after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). To compare the auto-Ab response against histone H1 between the recipients of rejector (DA-LEW) and tolerogenic (DA-PVG) OLT models, naïve recipients were immunized with calf thymus histone H1. The immunosuppressive state of histone H1-immunized rats was assayed by mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR).
RESULTS:Anti-histone H1 Ab titer was transiently increased during the rejection phase after OLT (days 7-21) in the DA-PVG combination, while no such response was confirmed in the DA-LEW acute rejection model. Nuclear histone H1 antigens were found in the cytoplasm and the extracellular environment in liver allografts at the rejection phase in the tolerogenic model but not in the rejector model, resulting from the transient induction of anti-histone H1 auto-Ab in recipient PVG rats after OLT. Low dose and short-term immunization with histone H1 upregulated the anti-histone H1 Ab titer in naïve PVG rats, which exhibited a low allogeneic immune response, while no such response was found in naïve LEW rats.
CONCLUSIONS:These results suggest that the sensitivity to nuclear antigens such as histone H1 may be a key factor determining the acceptance or rejection of donor liver grafts, at least in DA-PVG and DA-LEW combinations.
Volume 19(2)
Pages 87-92
Published 2008-5
DOI 10.1016/j.trim.2008.04.001
PII S0966-3274(08)00028-2
PMID 18503883
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Rats PVG/Seac(strainID=113)