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Author Sugito K, Kawashima H, Yoshizawa S, Uekusa S, Hoshi R, Furuya T, Kaneda H, Hosoda T, Konuma N, Masuko T, Ohashi K, Ikeda T, Koshinaga T, Tomita R, Shinojima Y, Fujiwara K, Watanabe T, Held WA, Nagase H.
Title Non-promoter DNA hypermethylation of Zygote Arrest 1 (ZAR1) in neuroblastomas.
Journal J. Pediatr. Surg.
Abstract BACKGROUND:The comprehensive methylation analysis of tumor-specific differently methylated regions in malignant melanomas and brain tumors has led to the identification of non-promoter hypermethylation of zygote arrest 1 (ZAR1). To search the non-promoter ZAR1 hypermethylation in neuroblastomas, we analyzed the levels of the methylation and transcript expression of ZAR1.
METHODS:The MassARRAY® EpiTYPER (Sequenom Inc., San Diego, CA, USA) system was optimized to determine the quantitative methylation levels of ZAR1 for 12 neuroblastoma cell lines, 23 neuroblastoma samples and four adrenal samples. ZAR1 expression levels were evaluated through a quantitative, real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. The quantitative methylation levels of ZAR1 were subjected to correlation studies with the established markers of progressive disease and outcome.
RESULTS:Strikingly, the hypermethylation of ZAR1 regions and ZAR1 expression levels was observed in the neuroblastoma cell lines and neuroblastoma samples, compared to the adrenal samples. Somatic changes in ZAR1 methylation and ZAR1 expression were found in all three neuroblastoma patients. In the ZAR1 regions, poor-outcome tumors that were MYCN-amplified and/or Stage 3 or 4 and/or the age at diagnosis was≥18months, and/or showed an unfavorable histology were frequently hypermethylated.
CONCLUSION:Our results indicate that the hypermethylation of ZAR1 regions is extremely frequent in neuroblastomas and correlates with established markers of progressive disease and outcome.
Volume 48(4)
Pages 782-8
Published 2013-4
DOI 10.1016/j.jpedsurg.2012.08.008
PII S0022-3468(12)00645-8
PMID 23583134
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