RRC ID 44627
Author Takahashi A, Suzuki Y, Suhara T, Omichi K, Shimizu A, Hasegawa K, Kokudo N, Ohta S, Ito T.
Title In situ cross-linkable hydrogel of hyaluronan produced via copper-free click chemistry.
Journal Biomacromolecules
Abstract Injectable hydrogels are useful in biomedical applications. We have synthesized hyaluronic acids chemically modified with azide groups (HA-A) and cyclooctyne groups (HA-C), respectively. Aqueous HA-A and HA-C solutions were mixed using a double-barreled syringe to form a hydrogel via strain-promoted [3 + 2] cycloaddition without any catalyst at physiological conditions. The hydrogel slowly degraded in PBS over 2 weeks, which was accelerated to 9 days by hyaluronidase, while it rapidly degraded in a cell culture media with fetal bovine serum within 4 days. Both HA-A and HA-C showed good biocompatibility with fibroblast cells in vitro. They were administered using the double-barreled syringe into mice subcutaneously and intraperitoneally. Residue of the hydrogel was cleared 21 days after subcutaneous administration, while it was cleared 7 days after intraperitoneal administration. This injectable HA hydrogel is expected to be useful for tissue engineering and drug delivery systems utilizing its orthogonality.
Volume 14(10)
Pages 3581-8
Published 2013-10-14
DOI 10.1021/bm4009606
PMID 24004342
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