RRC ID 45101
Author Kitagawa Y, Naganuma Y, Yajima Y, Yamada M, Seki M.
Title Patterned hydrogel microfibers prepared using multilayered microfluidic devices for guiding network formation of neural cells.
Journal Biofabrication
Abstract Multilayered microfluidic devices with a micronozzle array structure have been developed to prepare unique hydrogel microfibers with highly complex cross-sectional morphologies. Hydrogel precursor solutions with different compositions are introduced through vertical micronozzles, united and focused, and continuously gelled to form hydrogel fibers with multiple regions of different physicochemical composition. We prepared alginate hydrogel microfibers with diameters of 60 ~ 130 μm and 4/8 parallel regions in the periphery. Neuron-like PC12 cells encapsulated in the parallel region, which was made of a soft hydrogel matrix, proliferated and formed linear intercellular networks along the fiber length because of the physical restrictions imposed by the relatively rigid regions. After cultivation for 14 days, one-millimeter-long intercellular networks that structurally mimic complex nerve bundles found in vivo were formed. The proposed fibers should be useful for producing various in vivo linear tissues and should be applicable to regenerative medicine and physiological studies of cells.
Volume 6(3)
Pages 035011
Published 2014-9-1
DOI 10.1088/1758-5082/6/3/035011
PMID 24876343
MeSH Alginates / chemistry Animals Cell Differentiation Cell Proliferation Glucuronic Acid / chemistry Hexuronic Acids / chemistry Hydrogel, Polyethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate / chemistry Microfluidic Analytical Techniques Neurons / cytology* PC12 Cells Polymers / chemical synthesis Polymers / chemistry* Rats Tissue Engineering / instrumentation*
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