RRC ID 456
Author Suzuki Y, Matsuoka T, Iimura Y, Fujiwara H.
Title Ecdysteroid-dependent expression of a novel cuticle protein gene BMCPG1 in the silkworm, Bombyx mori.
Journal Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol.
Abstract When insects molt, the exoskeleton is renewed under the controls of insect hormones via the biosynthesis and degradation of cuticle proteins. To understand the hormonal control of cuticle formation, we used the differential display method to look for stage-specific cuticle genes, and identified a novel cDNA named Bombyx mori Cuticle Protein GlyGlyTyr-repeat 1 (BMCPG1). Expression of BMCPG1 mRNA peaked sharply immediately after a pulse of ecdysteroid during the fourth molt and pre-pupal stages, concurrent with the expression of genes for FTZF1 and dopa decarboxylase. BMCPG1 was expressed only in the epidermis, but not in any other tissue. We cultured the larval epidermis and found that BMCPG1 expression is not induced by the continuous presence of ecdysteroid. Removal of ecdysteroid from the medium, which constitutes a pulse treatment, is required for the induction of BMCPG1 transcription. These results explain well the stage-specific expression of BMCPG1 by ecdysteroid in vivo. Based on its expression patterns and unique structure, we propose that BMCPG1 may be a novel component of epicuticle of B. mori, and is probably involved in cross-linking of proteins via its GGY repeats.
Volume 32(6)
Pages 599-607
Published 2002-6
PII S0965174801001369
PMID 12020834
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