RRC ID 46879
Author Kopecká M, Yoshida S, Yamaguchi M.
Title Actin ring formation around the cell nucleus of long-neck yeast.
Journal J Electron Microsc (Tokyo)
Abstract The unique long-neck yeast Fellomyces fuzhouensis has F-actin cables and cortical patches. Here, we describe a new F-actin structure present in fungi, a perinuclear F-actin collar ring around the cell nucleus. This F-actin structure can be visualized by fluorescent microscopic imaging of rhodamine-phalloidin-stained F-actin in cells treated with the mitotic drug isopropyl N-(3-chlorophenyl) carbamate or the microtubule inhibitor thiabendazol or when cells were grown in cut dried radish medium or yeast extract pepton dextrose (YEPD) medium. In contrast, these structures were absent in cells treated with Latrunculin A. The hypothetical functions of the F-actin ring are discussed.
Volume 61(4)
Pages 249-55
Published 2012-8
DOI 10.1093/jmicro/dfs049
PII dfs049
PMID 22717791
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