RRC ID 4722
Author Ito K, Kidokoro K, Sezutsu H, Nohata J, Yamamoto K, Kobayashi I, Uchino K, Kalyebi A, Eguchi R, Hara W, Tamura T, Katsuma S, Shimada T, Mita K, Kadono-Okuda K.
Title Deletion of a gene encoding an amino acid transporter in the midgut membrane causes resistance to a Bombyx parvo-like virus.
Journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Abstract Bombyx mori densovirus type 2 (BmDNV-2), a parvo-like virus, replicates only in midgut columnar cells and causes fatal disease. The resistance expressed in some silkworm strains against the virus is determined by a single gene, nsd-2, which is characterized as nonsusceptibility irrespective of the viral dose. However, the responsible gene has been unknown. We isolated the nsd-2 gene by positional cloning. The virus resistance is caused by a 6-kb deletion in the ORF of a gene encoding a 12-pass transmembrane protein, a member of an amino acid transporter family, and expressed only in midgut. Germ-line transformation with a wild-type transgene expressed in the midgut restores susceptibility, showing that the defective membrane protein is responsible for resistance. Cumulatively, our data show that the membrane protein is a functional receptor for BmDNV-2. This is a previously undescribed report of positional cloning of a mutant gene in Bombyx and isolation of an absolute virus resistance gene in insects.
Volume 105(21)
Pages 7523-7
Published 2008-5-27
DOI 10.1073/pnas.0711841105
PII 0711841105
PMID 18495929
PMC PMC2391135
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