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Author Miura K, Murata C, Harikae K, Suzuki H, Kanai-Azuma M, Kurohmaru M, Tsunekawa N, Kanai Y.
Title Defects in the first wave of folliculogenesis in mouse XO ovaries.
Journal J Reprod Dev
Abstract In mouse ovaries, the first wave of folliculogenesis perinatally starts near the medullary region, which directs the initial round of follicular growth soon after birth. At the same time, cortical primordial follicles start forming in the ovarian surface region, and then some are cyclically recruited for the second and subsequent rounds of follicular growth. Recent studies suggest different dynamics between the first and subsequent waves of follicular growth in postnatal ovaries. However, the phenotypic differences between these phases remain unclear. Here, we show direct evidence that XO female mice, a murine model for Turner Syndrome, lack the first wave of folliculogenesis. Our histopathological analyses of XX and XO littermates revealed a lack of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH)-positive primary follicles in the XO ovaries by 4 days post partum (dpp). This loss of first follicles was also confirmed by histological bioassay for SRY-dependent SOX9 inducibility, a specific marker for the first follicular granulosa cells. In contrast, cortical primordial follicles formed properly in XO ovaries, and some of them formed primary and secondary follicles in the subcortical region by 7 dpp. They rapidly developed into late antral follicles, showing similarities to XX littermate ovaries by 21 dpp. These results suggest distinct X-monosomy effects between the first and subsequent waves of follicular growth, highlighting the high susceptibility to elimination of XO oocytes in the first wave of mammalian folliculogenesis.
Volume 63(3)
Pages 333-338
Published 2017-6-21
DOI 10.1262/jrd.2017-033
PMID 28392504
PMC PMC5481637
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