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Author Hayashi S, Satoh Y, Ujihara T, Takata Y, Dairi T.
Title Enhanced production of polyunsaturated fatty acids by enzyme engineering of tandem acyl carrier proteins.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract In some microorganisms, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are biosynthesized by PUFA synthases characterized by tandem acyl carrier proteins (ACPs) in subunit A. These ACPs were previously shown to be important for PUFA productivity. In this study, we examined their function in more detail. PUFA productivities increased depending on the number of ACPs without profile changes in each subunit A of eukaryotic and prokaryotic PUFA synthases. We also constructed derivative enzymes from subunit A with 5 × ACPs. Enzymes possessing one inactive ACP at any position produced ~30% PUFAs compared with the parental enzyme but unexpectedly had ~250% productivity compared with subunit A with 4 × ACPs. Enzymes constructed by replacing the 3rd ACP with an inactive ACP from another subunit A or ACP-unrelated sequences produced ~100% and ~3% PUFAs compared with the parental 3rd ACP-inactive enzyme, respectively. These results suggest that both the structure and number of ACP domains are important for PUFA productivity.
Volume 6
Pages 35441
Published 2016-10-18
DOI 10.1038/srep35441
PII srep35441
PMID 27752094
PMC PMC5067506
MeSH Acyl Carrier Protein / chemistry Acyl Carrier Protein / genetics* Acyl Carrier Protein / metabolism* Amino Acid Sequence Biosynthetic Pathways Fatty Acids, Unsaturated / biosynthesis* Protein Domains Protein Engineering* / methods
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