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Author Dai J, Ma M, Feng Z, Pastor-Pareja JC.
Title Inter-adipocyte Adhesion and Signaling by Collagen IV Intercellular Concentrations in Drosophila.
Journal Curr Biol
Abstract Sheet-forming Collagen IV is the main component of basement membranes, which are planar polymers of extracellular matrix underlying epithelia and surrounding organs in all animals. Adipocytes in both insects and mammals are mesodermal in origin and often classified as mesenchymal. However, they form true tissues where cells remain compactly associated. Neither the mechanisms providing this tissue-level organization nor its functional significance are known. Here we show that discrete Collagen IV intercellular concentrations (CIVICs), distinct from basement membranes and thicker in section, mediate inter-adipocyte adhesion in Drosophila. Loss of these Collagen-IV-containing structures in the larval fat body caused intercellular gaps and disrupted continuity of the adipose tissue layer. We also found that Integrin and Syndecan matrix receptors attach adipocytes to CIVICs and direct their formation. Finally, we show that Integrin-mediated adhesion to CIVICs promotes normal adipocyte growth and prevents autophagy through Src-Pi3K-Akt signaling. Our results evidence a surprising non-basement membrane role of Collagen IV in non-epithelial tissue morphogenesis while demonstrating adhesion and signaling functions for these structures.
Volume 27(18)
Pages 2729-2740.e4
Published 2017-9-25
DOI 10.1016/j.cub.2017.08.002
PII S0960-9822(17)31011-4
PMID 28867208
MeSH Adipocytes / cytology* Animals Cell Adhesion* Cell Proliferation Collagen Type IV / metabolism* Drosophila Proteins / metabolism* Drosophila melanogaster / physiology* Signal Transduction*
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