RRC ID 49303
著者 Kurata K.
タイトル Movement-related activity in the periarcuate cortex of monkeys during coordinated eye and hand movements.
ジャーナル J. Neurophysiol.
Abstract To determine the role of the periarcuate cortex during coordinated eye and hand movements in monkeys, the present study examined neuronal activity in this region during movement with the hand, eyes, or both as effectors toward a visuospatial target. Similar to the primary motor cortex (M1), the dorsal premotor cortex contained a higher proportion of neurons that were closely related to hand movements, whereas saccade-related neurons were frequently recorded from the frontal eye field (FEF). Interestingly, neurons that exhibited activity related to both eye and hand movements were recorded most frequently in the ventral premotor cortex (PMv), located between the FEF and M1. Neuronal activity in the periarcuate cortex was highly modulated during coordinated movements compared with either eye or hand movement only. Additionally, a small number of neurons were active specifically during one of the three task modes, which could be dissociated from the effector activity. In this case, neuron onset was either ahead of or behind the onset of eye and/or hand movement, and some neuronal activity lasted until reward delivery signaled successful completion of reaching. The present findings indicate that the periarcuate cortex, particularly the PMv, plays important roles in orchestrating coordinated movements from the initiation to the termination of reaching. NEW & NOTEWORTHY Movement-related neuronal activity was recorded throughout the periarcuate cortex of monkeys that performed a task requiring them to move their hand only, eyes only, or both hand and eyes toward visuospatial targets. Most typically, neurons were found that were commonly active regardless of different effectors, from movement initiation to completion of a successful outcome. The findings suggest that the periarcuate cortex as a whole plays a crucial role in initiating and completing coordinated eye-hand movements.
巻・号 118(6)
ページ 3293-3310
公開日 2017-9-22
DOI 10.1152/jn.00279.2017
PII jn.00279.2017
PMID 28931609
IF 2.396