RRC ID 49331
Author Funakoshi Y, Minami M, Tabata T.
Title mtv shapes the activity gradient of the Dpp morphogen through regulation of thickveins.
Journal Development
Abstract Drosophila wings are patterned by a morphogen, Decapentaplegic (Dpp), a member of the TGFbeta superfamily, which is expressed along the anterior and posterior compartment boundary. The distribution and activity of Dpp signaling is controlled in part by the level of expression of its major type I receptor, thickveins (tkv). The level of tkv is dynamically regulated by En and Hh. We have identified a novel gene, master of thickveins (mtv), which downregulates expression of tkv in response to Hh and En. mtv expression is controlled by En and Hh, and is complementary to tkv expression. In this report, we demonstrate that mtv integrates the activities of En and Hh that shape tkv expression pattern. Thus, mtv plays a key part of regulatory mechanism that makes the activity gradient of the Dpp morphogen.
Volume 128(1)
Pages 67-74
Published 2001-1
PMID 11092812
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