RRC ID 50103
Author Zhao Q, Feng Q, Lu H, Li Y, Wang A, Tian Q, Zhan Q, Lu Y, Zhang L, Huang T, Wang Y, Fan D, Zhao Y, Wang Z, Zhou C, Chen J, Zhu C, Li W, Weng Q, Xu Q, Wang ZX, Wei X, Han B, Huang X.
Title Pan-genome analysis highlights the extent of genomic variation in cultivated and wild rice
Journal Nature Genetics
Volume 50
Pages 278-284
Published 2018-1-15
DOI doi. org/10.1038/s41588-018-0041-z.
IF 25.455
Rice O.rufipogon (W0123 W0141 W0170 W1687 W1698 W1739 W1754 W1777 W1943 W1979 W2012)