RRC ID 5012
Author Bhadra B, Sreenivas Rao R, Naveen Kumar N, Chaturvedi P, Sarkar PK, Shivaji S.
Title Pichia cecembensis sp. nov. isolated from a papaya fruit (Carica papaya L., Caricaceae).
Journal FEMS Yeast Res.
Abstract The ascogenous yeast YS16T was isolated from a decaying papaya fruit. Phenotypic traits such as multilateral budding, spheroidal or elongate shape, pseudohyphae formation, asci with one or more ascospores, ability to ferment d-glucose, inability to assimilate nitrate and the presence of Q7 ubiquinone suggest its affiliation to the genus Pichia. The nearest phylogenetic neighbor, based on D1/D2 domain sequence of the 26S rRNA gene and ITS region sequence, was identified as Issatchenkia orientalis (NRRL Y-5396T, a synonym of Pichia kudriavzevii) with similarities of 98.2% and 97% respectively. In addition to the difference in the D1/D2 and ITS region sequence, YS16T differs from I. orientalis with respect to a number of phenotypic traits. However, in the phylogenetic analysis, YS16T showed close relatedness to the P. membranifaciens clade. Thus, it is proposed to assign the status of a new species to YS16T, for which the name P. cecembensis sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain of P. cecembensis sp. nov. is YS16T (=NRRL Y-27985T=JCM 13873T=CBS 10445T).
Volume 7(4)
Pages 579-84
Published 2007-6
DOI 10.1111/j.1567-1364.2007.00215.x
PMID 17316366
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