RRC ID 52167
Author Kinashi Y, Yokomizo N, Takahashi S.
Title DNA Double-strand Breaks Induced byFractionated Neutron Beam Irradiation for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.
Journal Anticancer Res
Abstract AIM:To use the 53BP1 foci assay to detect DNA double-strand breaks induced by fractionated neutron beam irradiation of normal cells.
MATERIALS AND METHODS:The Kyoto University Research Reactor heavy-water facility and gamma-ray irradiation system were used as experimental radiation sources. After fixation of Chinese Hamster Ovary cells with 3.6% formalin, immunofluorescence staining was performed. Number and size of foci were analyzed using ImageJ software.
RESULTS:Fractionated neutron irradiation induced 25% fewer 53BP1 foci than single irradiation at the same dose. By contrast, gamma irradiation induced 30% fewer 53BP1 foci than single irradiation at the same dose. Fractionated neutron irradiation induced larger foci than gamma irradiation, raising the possibility that persistent unrepaired DNA damage was amplified due to the high linear energy transfer component in the neutron beam.
CONCLUSION:Unrepaired cluster DNA damage was more prevalent after fractionated neutron irradiation than after gamma irradiation.
Volume 37(4)
Pages 1681-1685
Published 2017-4
DOI 10.21873/anticanres.11499
PII 37/4/1681
PMID 28373429
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Human and Animal Cells CHO-K1(RCB0285)