RRC ID 52814
Author Yogo Y, Kitamura T, Sugimoto C, Ueki T, Aso Y, Hara K, Taguchi F.
Title Isolation of a possible archetypal JC virus DNA sequence from nonimmunocompromised individuals.
Journal J Virol
Abstract We molecularly cloned JC polyomavirus DNAs from urine samples of eight nonimmunosuppressed patients and two healthy individuals. The cloned viral DNAs all contained an archetypal regulatory sequence from which various regulatory sequences of JC polyomavirus isolates derived from patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy could have evolved by deletion and amplification.
Volume 64(6)
Pages 3139-43
Published 1990-6-1
DOI 10.1128/JVI.64.6.3139-3143.1990
PMID 2159570
PMC PMC249511
MeSH Base Sequence Blotting, Southern Cloning, Molecular DNA, Viral / genetics DNA, Viral / isolation & purification DNA, Viral / urine* Humans Immune Tolerance JC Virus / genetics JC Virus / isolation & purification* Molecular Sequence Data Plasmids Polyomavirus / isolation & purification* Reference Values Regulatory Sequences, Nucleic Acid Restriction Mapping
IF 4.501
Times Cited 262
DNA material pCY (RDB03031) pMY (RDB03032) pUA (RDB03033) pSI (RDB03034) pYI (RDB03035) pHS (RDB03036) pST (RDB03037) pKF (RDB03038) pHA (RDB03039) pMS (RDB03040).